St Peter the Apostle
Provincetown  MA 02657

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Month Date Mass Lector EM EM EM
October  6 6:00 PM Judy Bykowski Julianne Civita N/A N/A
October  7 10:30 AM Sandy Bourbeau Lisa Colley Stephen Colley Pat Roach
October  13 6:00 PM Rich Nagle Kathy Nagle N/A N/A
October  14 10:30 AM Jan Plaue Mike Costa Lynn Costa Dottie Dolan
October  20 6:00 PM Bob Donahoe Lucile Cashin N/A N/A
October  21 10:30 AM John Talbot Rose Talbot Mati Snape Janet Oviatt
October  27 6:00 PM Lis Grunig Mary Fox N/A N/A
October  28 10:30 AM Nina Anderson John Talbot Gregg Cambi Donna Cambi
October 31 4:00 PM June Meckel Bob Donahoe N/A N/A
November 1 10:00 AM Dottie Dolan Don Palladino    
November 3 6:00 PM Don Walwer Suzanne Lawlor N/A N/A
November 4 10:30 AM Jan Plaue George Civita Lisa Colley Paul Haley
November 10 6:00 PM Bob Donahoe Julianne Civita N/A N/A
November 11 10:30 AM John Talbot Rose Talbot Mike Costa Lynn Costa
November 17 6:00 PM June Meckel Mary Fox N/A N/A
November 18 10:30 AM Nina Anderson Dottie Dolan Pat Roach Mati Snape
November 24 6:00 PM Don Walwer Lucile Cashin N/A N/A
November 25 10:30 AM Dottie Dolan Jan Plaue Nina Anderson Paul Haley
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