Adult Ministries

  1. Seashore point: Mass celebrated the first Tuesday of every month.  Please call Rectory if family is admitted
  2. Visiting the sick 
  3. Lector 
  4. Eucharistic Ministries

 Children and Youth Programs

  1. Alter Servers 
  2. Confirmation Preparation


  1. AIDS Ministry Support:  A parish team that cooks for people with AIDS.  Our group cooks for 40-60 people on the first Tuesday of every month.  Contact Jackie Rozza at 508-349-2137 
  2. Kitchen Angles:  Fund raising group that provides Christmas trees, meals, children’s presents to the needy of Provincetown and Truroduring the Christmas holidays. 
  3. St Vincent de Paul Society:  Men and women who perform corporal works of mercy to all in need, and paying Christmas visits to all widows and widowers in the parish.  508-487-0095 ext 4